Kiyu’s Box

Here are my one-shots~

To see an one-shot’s genres, just highlight them, but beware of spoilers~

Coincidence after coincidence, Gabriel convinced himself to be a God. After a coincidental meeting with a girl, he will discover that not everything was a coincidence in his life.

Genres: school life, romance, supernatural, drama, tragedy

Born as a living weapon, Grace can do nothing but obey the government and fulfill her missions. Every day was always the same, until the day he came and freed her.

Genres: sci-fi, action, mature, tragedy

A normal day of Dreiser’s life, who is probably the most powerful Arch Magus in existence.

Genres: fantasy, slice of life, tragedy

Read the fascinating and captivating story of Yiding Xiansheng Lu Er’s life as he cultivates to become the strongest person ever.

Genres: comedy, xianxia, romance, action, drama, revenge, tragedy, unique cultivation method, pets, strong female lead, harem, sister with brother complex, underestimated male lead, weak to strong, fiancee, dragging things on

The simple story of a live-in girlfriend’s normal day-to-day life, her interactions with the people around her and her opinion on how to cope with living alongside an otaku.

Genres: comedy, romance, supernatural

The reminiscence of a servant of the Gods.

Genres: comedy, supernatural

How Lloyd, a transmigrator, manages to overcome a life and death situation.

Genres: comedy, xianxia, system, 4th wall breaking

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