Chapter 1

[Acquired the skill 『Clean Body』]

Lloyd silently stared at the system message in front of his eyes for a few seconds, before smirking.

He looked down on the blue window with ridiculing eyes and then proceeded to dismiss this seemingly “useless skill.”

‘Heh. Stupid system, I am the protagonist! It is mighty obvious that in the very next chapter, this trash skill is gonna come into play at a very crucial time!’

Chapter 2

Lloyd coughed up a mouthful of blood, his gaze conveying his shock.

‘Kuh! Who would’ve known that there would be a sudden time skip of over 156 years?! My life energy is about to be extinguished, I need to quickly think of a solution!’

Hours passed in a blink and barely a fraction of a second was left to Lloyd, if he couldn’t find a way to increase his life energy, which sustained his life, he would die an eternal death.

While Lloyd continued to squeeze his brain dry, he thought again of that time, when his life energy was flourishing he could time skip as he pleased, but now he couldn’t time skip the problem, because his life energy was almost empty, thus using his innate protagonist skills would kill him for good.

’Sigh, if only…’

Chapter 3

‘Sigh, if only I had a way to quickly recover my life energy…’

Recovering one’s life energy was impossible because life energy was an individual’s life energy, signifying his very own life, and once spent, life energy couldn’t be taken back.

Life energy was just like spilled milk, only someone with similar intelligence to Lloyd would try and lick it up anyway.

‘That’s right! I would do it! It’s milk, you know? Milk! … But wait, spilled? A dirty and unclean surface… Ah!’

Lloyd slapped his forehead, consuming his infinitely finite life force that was dwindling and wasting a few seconds of the fraction of a second he had left to stare in wonder at his own intellect and ideas, because he was certain that, as the protagonist, no matter how much time he wasted, he wouldn’t really die, he had checked the story’s tags beforehand!

‘Fufufu, would you look at that! Even though a time skip of 42 trillions of years happened, in reality, only a chapter has passed by! Heh, who would’ve thought that that garbage skill that I had acquired before and had totally forgotten about, could be used to save my life at this moment of life and death?’

And then Lloyd activated the skill 『Clean Body』and an impossible thing happened, something never occurred before in the history of this world, he started recovering his life energy!

This was really incredible because once life energy was used, it couldn’t be recovered, this was common sense, be he did the impossible by recovering his used up life energy!

It was a truly a magnificent scene of an old, decrepit man sitting alone in a dark cave in one second and the next, a slightly younger old, decrepit man still sat meditating in that same cold and dark cave!

‘Heheh, this is just the start, once I recover all 29 billions of millions of thousands of years of life energy used in the previous time skip, I’ll be able to abuse this skill infinitely as there are no penalties, conditions or cooldowns!’

Unfortunately for Lloyd, the author forgot about this skill the very next day, and he could only sigh and accept it, considering he had already gotten used to it after the transition from the prologue to the first chapter, as the author forgot about Lloyd’s childhood friend, teacher, fellow disciples, parents, some kind uncles and aunts, some other family members, a friend here and there, Lloyd’s last name, the rival, the antagonist, the hidden sexy helper, the system, logic, Gundam VI, the world setting, hopes and dreams, justice, the talking cat in a strange colour, the reason behind this long list of this uncountable countable things, a proper ending…