Twisted Nerves

After having payed her weekly visit to her psychiatric, Lia heads home while thinking about her mother and Dr. Kris’ proposal.

Playing a game.

Of course it’s no ordinary game, it was the first Virtual Reality MMORPG released by Crathos Inc., the leading company in virtual reality products.

Supposedly, the game would make her world whole again.

Supposedly, the game would take away the boredom that is her life.

“… I guess I will have to give it a try, I don’t even clearly remember the last time I have felt any excitement…”

Genres: action, drama, slice of life, adventure, virtual reality, sci-fi, mature, romance, horror, tragedy

9 thoughts on “Twisted Nerves”

    1. There are no chaps cause I’m slowly uploading them, for now I uploaded the first six chapters of Chromia, but as it was my first story it needs heavy editing… You can go read them, at your own risk of embarrassing me… lol

      Ah, yes, there are also my one shots here, if you want.


  1. Hello~
    I’m reading your novel in RR and come here. Glad you don’t abandon this story because I found out how long you don’t update in RR and now know the reason. Anyways, I’m enjoying the awesomeness of Twisted Nerves and hope you will update soon. The third vol/arc right now is cool with the new monsters appearing and the journey to another continent with the mysteries untold. Also I wish that Kiyuta-san will write more about Lia’s awesomeness. I love the MC so much, her tragedy give me new breath or perspective about reading further.


    1. While it’s true that I haven’t written any more chapters for Twisted Nerves, I’ve reviewed it and noticed that there are things I needed to change, for example I’ll integrate volume 2 into volume 1 with the right pacing, and also plot-related stuff I had to modify to have it make more sense in the long run. Lastly, once I post them here, each chapter will be 2k words at minimum~


  2. cuanto tiempo ha pasado, esta es una buena historia aun sigo esperando,y ya hace dos años desde que leí la historia de repente me entro nostalgia y he vuelto a leerla desde el principio. Espero ver nuevos capitulos pronto es una buena historia.


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