Twisted Status

Level 6: Training; changed Lia’s level and how the inventory works, else the merchants would be useless imo – 29/04/18

Memories from RRL:

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna give the description of each new skill with time, and also the last passive one (you don’t want spoilers, do you?) is not as effective as you might first think.”

Vlaeghe Wrote: Plus, I honestly hope they’re using ‘practice blades’, which would be an entirely different matter at hand. I would hate to see an ‘instructor’ giving a ‘real’ blade to a novice.

“It was a practice blade, but also a well-made replica of a Shihozume-style katana. The kawagane was in steel, shigane in iron and hagane in black ironwood. It would really hurt if it hit, but the hagane wasn’t made to cut through things. Btw what I just said is something I made up.

The poorly made katana she is using atm is a Maru-styled katana made with cheap steel. Later on Lia will use either a Soshu Kitae or an Orikaeshi Sanmai.

Xel, for now the main weapon will be the katana, but do mind that I love katanas so maybe it’ll stick. I don’t believe in MCs who learn to wield different weapons at the same time, thus Lia is gonna learn one weapon at a time, though I won’t say what or how many weapons.

In case anyone is wondering, Lia is not gonna double-wield katanas, just because I don’t see her doing it.”

Level 5: The school and the dojo; I wanted to change Lia’s past, from her suddenly starting to go to a dojo and not going to school to her going to a dojo since little and going to school like normal. It really wasn’t normal that her mother took her out of the school lol – 28/04/18

Memories from RRL:

“This would have been out yesterday if not for the fact that it got so long. ”

Michelangel07 wrote: I don’t know if it’s on purpose but you do know the difference between a Kimono and a Gi? Because if the master said he wouldn’t take in a stylish person and kimono’s are pretty stylish so I figured you should change kimono to Gi.

“I actually did some martial arts myself and my sensei called it Kimono, just to be sure I previously confirmed that a Gi is also called Kimono by normalfags the common folks, so since the second is more known and still makes you understand what I meant, I went with that.

Hope it’s not a problem^^”

Level 4: Foreboding; formerly “Level 3: Idiosyncrasy II”, it took me a while to adapt to the new plot I have in mind, sigh – 24/04/18

Memories from RRL: None.

Level 3: Idiosyncrasy – 22/04/18

Memories from RRL:

“I feel like I need to clarify that there are other races. Last chapter they weren’t addressed simply cause Lia didn’t want to modify or create her avatar, thus ending up as human.

Also, I’m gonna use IGT for in-game time.”

rosidbeken2 wrote: IoI what kind of twisted NPC

“I see what you did there”

Level 2: Welcome to Hyria has changed quite a bit. For the future chapters, besides spelling errors, the story won’t change much, just that for consistency and more realism I need to modify a bit of things.  – 21/04/18

Memories from RRL:

“Unless I’m bored this should be all for today~

Just to be sure, Lia is 17 now.”

Aki wrote: was it the left eye that was damaged and needed the nanomachines? I thought it was the right eye.

“Left ·w·”

Level 1: Blind Emotions; formerly known as prologue “part 2,” I renovated the chapter and added some bits taken from the old Voyage 9 – 19/04/18

Memories from RRL: None.

The new Prologue is out! – 18/04/18

Memories from RRL:

“First of all, let me say the chapters will be short, so it won’t feel to tiring to write for me, and you’ll have faster releases.

Now then, let’s talk about your suggestions and any news on my part here~”

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