Welcome to my site, where I’ll post all the stories that I wrote, I’m writing and I will write~!


Twisted Nerves – uploaded 3/51 – now editing (detailed progress)

Chromia – finished uploading, now editing and writing the missing chapters (8/29, detailed progress)

Phantasmagoria – finished uploading, hiatus

Uraomote Mirai – uploaded 0/3 – next to be uploaded, will end with chapter 10

Unknown – new ideas, needs to be rewritten, changed MC

Voidhood – uploaded 0/9 – hiatus

Planned stories:

Kamikakushi – after Chromia ends

Dysfunctional Debauchery – after Voidhood ends

Unending Disregard – after Unknown ends

Seeking – after Twisted Nerves ends

??? – after Phantasmagoria ends

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Hallo~ I like to read and write books~

5 thoughts on “Hi~”

  1. Hello~ I’m your fan of Twisted Nerves. I read it in RR and wondering why its not been update again and come here. After seeing your status window can you please update the one in RR, because if we wait the upload to be completed it must be after your story of Mirai, right? Unless you have your own reason to not update in RR anymore. I will be waiting again for your Twisted Nerves story. I love the MC and her tragedy and hope you will write more about her. Thank you~


    1. First of all, thank you for enjoying my story!^^ Secondly, I won’t upload on RR anymore, and once I start uploading Twisted Nerves and Phantasmagoria here, I’ll delete the chapter there and make an announcement. I thought I’d have already been through half of Chromia’s chapters by now but I’m in my last year of school, and it’s really demanding, as such, I’m pretty slow and unsteady with updates. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope you won’t forget about Twisted Nerves in the time I’ll need to actually start it again. ^^”


  2. Oh so thats why.. Sorry for bothering you for the request. I definitely wait for your upload then. But can you upload Twisted Nerves first after Chromia? Because I just really curious about the next story. For the meant time I will read Chromia for my thirst..hehe..
    And good luck with your school~


  3. I have really enjoyed reading all the chapters currently online but two story’s I am particularly interested in reading are chromia and Phantasmagoria (I would include twisted nerves but there are already quite a few chapters of that out to sake my curiosity) and would like to ask simply because it would feel neater is if you could transfer the Phantasmagoria chapters over to this website as well as writing next to the chromia chapter links whether that specific chapter is actually uploaded (because I was at an almost amazing twist when the next to chapters with no warning whatsoever wouldn’t work) .

    If you could get round to editing this I and all the other fans of your current works would be very grateful .

    And also if this comment is in time, good luck with your school work (I just finished my exams myself)


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