List of Characters



Lily White – main character
Martha White – Lily’s mother
Christopher “Chris” White – Lily’s father

Law enforcement:
Zinnia Oleander – sergeant and supervisor special agent of the fbi, her squad works on missing people
Frederick “Fred, Freddy” – senior member of zinnia’s squad, ex-hacker
Samantha “Sam” – senior member of zinnia’s squad, obsessed with the colour blue
Marco – recent addition to zinnia’s squad
Richard Hollow – director of the fbi

School & Hospital:
Ashley – lily’s psychologist
Natalie Fern – lily’s tutor
Anthony “Tony” James – math teacher
Alice Halton – lily’s classmate and first friend
Mr. Tallow – chemistry teacher
Tracey Amsel – half-american half-german rich girl
Adya Kothari – twin of adna, “indian” girl who follows tracey
Adna Kothari – twin of adya, “indian” girl who follows tracey

David – sous-chef
Martin – head waiter
Joshua – waiter

Side characters:
Pierce Tallow – lily’s uncle —DEAD—
Sasha Tallow – lily’s aunt —DEAD—
John – the kidnapper who abused lily
Carl – john’s accomplice, he fed lily

Amaryllis High School – lily’s school
L’Espoir – Martha’s restaurant