1. The Tower

The bell rang. Uncle went to open the door, mommy and daddy were at work so I was at My aunt and uncle’s house. I was carefully positioning the last piece of the castle I built. A loud *thud* made it crumble. It made me sad…

“Uncle~…! You made my castle crumble…”

I took my favorite block back, a pink cube, and started making the castle again. The fake cyclamen flower I had used as a flag was under some other blocks so I removed them and took it out, carefully checking if it had been damaged.

I heard aunt and someone else shout in the kitchen, so I turned around, curious. A man I never saw stood by the living room’s entrance looking at me with a baffled expression, he was so funny I giggled a little. At that, the man shout while he slightly turned his head to the left, looking backwards.

“J-John! I… I think we’ve got a problem!”

I heard someone grunting and tilted my head. ‘Who are these people?’ Another man came in the living room and made an annoyed face before he saw me. He grinned, but somehow it scared me a little. I backed up a bit but as I didn’t want to make my castle crumble again I had to stop.

“Well, well, well~ look who’ve got here~”


The man named John slowly walked to me, now with a more gentle smile, similar to daddy’s. He picked me up on his arm and looked at me straight into the eyes. As always, I was scared to fall off so I gripped his clothes, constantly looking down.

“What’s your name, missy?”

“… Lily…”

I squirmed a little on his arm as I tried to make myself comfortable. I heard the other man starting to talk again.

“What are we going to do now, John?”

“Of course, we are gonna take the little missy to her parents.”

My eyes widened in surprise when I heard that. ‘I’m going to visit daddy and mommy!’


I asked for confirmation to John. He nodded and smiled.



That day, Pierce and Sasha Tallow were found dead in their home, the esteemed cause of death were the multiple stab wounds on their abdomen and chest. Lily White, their niece of only 6 years, went missing and no ransom was made.

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