The ‘normal’ Ame II

One foot at a time, Houtarou dragged his body to school. Just merely thinking at what a third year is supposed to do exhausted him mentally.

“ Man, in the end I couldn’t even talk with that girl.. “

At the closing ceremony last year, Houtarou wanted to talk to that “Ame”-san. He knew that she wasn’t his childhood friend, she was a girl and she had no eyepatch, but that name made him instantly remind his “old days”

“ ..Maybe that amber eye is fake? “

As that thought crossed his mind, right next to him passed that black haired girl. His mouth opened a little and his hand almost dropped his bag. Just when he was thinking about her, she appeared.

“ S-should I call her out.. ? ”

‹ N.. Notsuki Ame.. -san! ›

He stretched out his arm to grab her, even if she was pretty distant, involuntarily thinking that doing so would stop her.

‹ .. Who.. ? ›

She turned around, to try and give a face to the voice that called her out. Houtarou made a little, awkward smile as he realized that the two were not alone. They were just a little past the school gates, after all. Houtarou tried to talk but words were not coming out of his mouth properly, and also, around them the others began whispering. Annoyed by the situation, Ame before turning and leaving, fiercely glared at Houtarou who couldn’t help but flinch a little at such angry eyes. Until she leaved, he was not able to say anything

‹ W-WA.. ..wait.. ›

Realizing the embarrassing scene he made, he lowered his head and continued to walk to class.

“ What the hell! Stupid! Idiot! It’s not like that was my first time talking to a girl, so why?! “

Lost in thoughts, Houtarou didn’t even notice that class started. His book and notes were open, but he wasn’t writing anything.

‹ -Arou! Houtarou! ›

His shoulders jerked a little as he was forcibly snapped out of his train of thoughts. It appeared that lunch break just started and his friends came to talk to him

‹ Err.. Yes? ›

‹ It’s all morning that you’ve been out of it, did something happen? ›

He wondered for a second if he should have told them about this morning’s “event”, then replied

‹ .. No, I just stayed up late yesterday and so I’m really tired today ›

‹ Ahh, I see. Do wanna go eat on the roof? Contrary to you, the weather is really nice ›

It seemed like his lie wasn’t found out, for now. If that “Ame-san” was (in)famous as they told him, rumors won’t take long to take form, maybe.

‹ Ahah.. I don’t see why not ›

As they neared the door of the rooftop, someone opened it from the other side. Two feminine figures with each an empty bento could be distinguished. One plain girl with both hair and eyes brown, the other a black haired girl with heterochromia.

Houtarou’s group silenced and moved to the sides to make them pass, trying to avoid eye contact.

Only him remained to block their path. At a distance of about 10 cm, the girls stopped. Ame seemed to, again, glare at Houtarou, thinking about what to say exactly.

He just couldn’t take it. Her beauty was astounding to him.

‹ ’The hell are you doing, Hou-kun? Move aside. ›

He moved aside and stared at them as they went away.

That “Hou-kun” was all he could think about.

‹ H-hey, dude, did she just say your name? ›

He heard that and other similar questions made by his friends, but they didn’t register in his brain.

“ Not only she closely resembles him, she also knows how we called each other back then. She is Ki-kun. “

Reaching such a solution his body trembled slightly. There where a lot of questions to be made, but lunch break ended before he could put them into words. When he reached her class after school ended, only the teacher was able to tell him where Ame was.

‹ Ex.. excuse me.. is Ki-kun.. here? ›

Apparently, Ame had a meeting with the other stuco members. Running all the way here was a bad idea since he was a little out of shape.

In the room only a rather short senpai and the stuco president remained.

“ Ahh.. Guess she’s already gone home? “

While the little senpai just stood there staring, the president actually answered

‹ “Ki-kun” ? ›

‹ Ah! Ehm.. I mean.. Ame-san ›

She looked, no, more like scrutinized him, then said covering her mouth

‹ Ame-chan went to her part-time work a little while ago ›

Houtarou involuntarily showed his doubts on his face

‹ Okay.. then.. I’ll take my leave ›

After he closed the door, he leaned against it

‹ There, are you happy? ›

‹ .. .. Yeah, thanks Airi-senpai. ›

“ So she was still here, uh? “

Without making a sound, he quietly began walking home.

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