The ‘normal’ Ame I

Short brown hair that gradually become black toward the end, barely 170 cm, azure eyes and a second year student.

“ Uhh.. after 7 years, I’m back, but I doubt I’ll meet them, after all Shirotsuki is a bit far away “

The boy noticed the face he was making shook his head and made a smile before pushing the door open

‹ ..And so this is Mikawa Houtarou. Introduce yourself a little ›

Houtarou wrote his name on the blackboard and turned around

‹ Hello everyone! I lived here until 7 years ago when my family had to move because of work. I hope we can become friends! ›

He then bowed slightly and then went to his indicated seat in the midst of a little applause. As expected at lunch break he was immediately surrounded and interrogated with such lines

‹ Mikawa-kun, where did you live before? ›

‹ What school were you in before? ›

‹ When is your birthday? ›

‹ What are your hobbies? ›

‹ Do you like manga and anime? ›

‹ Do you have a girlfriend? ›

Houtarou’s head spin a little from all the question but he managed to pull through and answered all the questions, afterwards some guys remained with him to chat

‹ You know Houtarou, you came in a lucky time! In this year’s new freshmen there are a lot of beauties! ›

‹ Ah, is that true? But right now as I said I’m not really interested in finding love and such ›

‹ Are you stupid? Is what I think, nevertheless it’s not like I can force you.. anyway, if you change your mind, it’s best if I tell you that there’s a first year you shouldn’t approach ›

‹ What, is she connected in some way with the yakuza? Ahahaha ›

‹ She’s a delinquent ›

‹ Eh? Is she really? ›

‹ I heard that she repeated a year because she cruelly humiliated a girl in her class ›

‹ Humiliated? ›

‹ Embarrassing photos ›

‹ That is cruel, I can’t stand girls that can freely do such things ›

‹ But there’s a strange thing about her, she got the best score over all the other freshmen ›

‹ Is she a delinquent or a honor student? Can’t she stay true to her character? ›

‹ Ahaha well, going back on topic, if you see this black haired girl who’s avoided by all the first years, then that’s her ›

After that they began going back home and as he got closer to his classmates, time flied and now was Shirotsuki’s closing ceremony and goodbye party for the third years

“ Even though we are in the same school, I barely even caught a glimpse of her “

‹ And now, the student council president, Fukuhara Airi, will give a speech of farewells ›

After Airi stepped on the stage, other boys and girls that seemed of the same age appeared and followed behind Airi and like it should’ve been, everyone was silent (or at least tried to not be heard) until the last girl came and Houtarou did not know why

‹ What’s she doing there? ›

‹ Isn’t she that first year delinquent? ›

‹ Did she do something again? ›

‹ Are they gonna punish her? ›

But those whispers made him understand, that girl was the rumored delinquent whom he was not able to meet for his entire second year

“ But even though she’s clearly a girl, I wonder why I’d think male clothes would suit her better “

‹ ..And that’s all I had to say. Now before going, I’m introducing you our new and last student council member.. ›

Airi made a little pause while the black haired girl took a step forward

‹ ..Notsuki Ame. ›

Ame slightly bowed and went back in line with the others then after Airi added to her speech some other things the ceremony ended and the third years’ graduation began. Houtarou did not hear a thing after “Notsuki Ame”.

“ It sure is a shocking coincidence that she has his same name.. ”

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