Lost purity and true friends III

Time passed and now it’s Christmas, Saya and Ame were at a Karaoke alone in front of a cake. Ame thought about the school festival in which she had to help the student council and the various study groups with Saya for the final exams.

They indeed grew closer but as Ame knew about Saya’s past, she didn’t tell her anything about herself. Was this the perfect occasion to talk?

‹ Hey Saya.. don’t you want to know about me? I mean, you told me everything about yourself but I.. ›

Saya took a piece of cake and offered it to Ame with a smile

‹ It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself ›

Ame felt like crying, the time spent with Saya made her feel like the time she spent with Houtarou and Eichirou

‹ You know.. before I had an eyepatch because the other kids at the orphanage called me monster. There was one kid who was especially cruel.. Kazumo.. he didn’t limit to words.. ›

Ame pulled up her shirt and the sleeves, the sight of her faint scars made Saya involuntarily put her hands on her mouth

‹ One time he even forced me to eat my tanzaku.. and while all of this happened at school I faked being okay in front of my best friends.. Hou-kun and Ei-kun.. we were always together but in third grade Hou-kun’s family had to move for work.. I think it was then that Ei-kun began to change.. on a side note, this hairpin is a present of Houtarou.. ›

Saya slowly ate her cake with an absorbed look, and thought that it was probably because of this “Kazumo” that she was afraid of men

‹ I had a lot of free time seeing that apart from Ei-kun I didn’t have other friends so I spent it studying.. the result was that I got a scholarship for Kato middle school.. ›

‹ Oh? Doesn’t Kato have a better High school than Shirotsuki? Why did you come here? ›

‹ Yes, but when I was a first year I didn’t know anyone at school because Ei-kun failed the test and had to go to another school.. there was a boy who approached me, Makoto, he liked my eyes.. then all boys followed and I became their friend.. ›

‹ What?! Weren’t you afraid of men because of Kazumo? ›

The question made Ame flinch, she wasn’t surprised that Saya found her out, but Ame ignored her and continued

‹ But the girls didn’t like it.. they started to harass me.. and at that time I met Yui.. I considered her my first female friend.. ›

“ considered? “

‹ The harassment didn’t stop.. photo of me in embarrassing situations were sent to everyone at school all the time.. if it wasn’t for Ei-kun I think I’d have broken.. but the worst still had to come.. at the school festival I found out that it was Yui that planned the bullying on me. Later I was excluded from the class for all three yea– ›

Saya jumped up from her seat and hit the table with her hands


Ame lowered her head

‹ ..I didn’t need to.. I did say Eichirou changed right? Well, when he found out that Yui was behind everything, he and Kazumo.. did the same to her.. ›

‹ She reaped what she sowed! Ah wait.. how did that Ei-kun and Kazumo know each other? ›

‹ They went to the same school.. continuing from before, I stopped seeing Eichirou, I was afraid.. and I was right. A.. at the last day of summer holidays of my third year at Kato, Eichirou asked to meet with him at the usual park at night.. I was suspected him a little, but still in a corner of my heart I wanted to believe him, so I went.. and I, too, “reaped what I sowed”.. Eichirou wasn’t alone.. Kazumo was there too.. together with other guys from their school that I didn’t know.. ›

‹ W-wait, Ame do.. don’t tell me they– ›

‹ I was raped. After that I was able to go to school “like normal” only until the end of middle school, then I never set foot outside my room at the orphanage for a year. Then when I mustered the courage to go outside I chose this school were no one knew me and so I met you ›

Saya ran over the table and jump-hugged tightly Ame who, this time, was surprised

‹ Ame-chan.. you’re so strong.. you were able to endure everything that came at you.. but now I won’t let you shoulder it all alone.. I’ll be by your side forever.. ›

Ame began to cry, it was the first time she told someone about her, and that someone promised to support her. Naturally those are just words, but even so Ame felt an overwhelming joy.

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