Lost purity and true friends II

‹ How long do we have to wait for your uncle? ›

Dressed with a white gown, Ame sit on a bench in a deserted station, she looked (no, more like glared) at Saya, who walked back and forth with a distressed look.

‹ Sayaaaaaaa! ›

In the distance you could see a middle-aged man waving his arm; Saya ran towards him

‹ Uncle, you’re late! ›

Ame stood up, took her baggage and followed Saya.




‹ Here girls, this will be your room; dinner is served at 8 so be sure to be home by then ›

‹ ’Kaay ›

It was an old room in an old house but its conditions weren’t bad. It wasn’t large but neither small; from the balcony you could see almost all the beach.

‹ Ame-chan let’s change into our swimsuits and go to the sea! ›

‹ It’s not even been an hour since we came here and you want go already? ›

‹ You’re wrong, “it’s almost been an hour” so we have to go! ›

‹ ..I suppose it’s futile to try persuading you not to go, uh. Give me 10 minutes and we can go ›

‹ Yay! ..But, 10 minutes? You sure are fast Ame-chan! ›

‹ It’s you who’s slow ›




Saya wore a light-blue bikini and contact lenses while Ame had a black top and black broad-shorts with purple trims. The first one ran to the sea without a care, the second one set up something to rest on.

‹ Ame-chan come on! We came to the beach to swim not to relax! ›

‹ And here I thought holidays were made to let us relax.. ›

‹ Come ooooooon ›

‹ .. ..Okay okay I’m coming, just stop attracting attention with your shouting ›

‹ Hey, hey why don’t we rent a boat? ›

‹ What for? ›

‹ To go to Rei Island! ›

‹ Rei.. Island..? ›

‹ Well, it’s not really an island, it’s more like a little piece of land not so distant from here in which there was built a giant torii; when I was little I often went there with my uncle, it’s really quiet and under the torii there is always a nice breeze ›

‹ Aaahh.. you’re really excited about this, eh? Let’s go then ›

‹ I’m really excited to spend my summer holidays with you! ..You aren’t? ›

‹ I.. am. A little. But I can’t stand the heat ›




Now the two girls rested on a towel, after they played for two hours straight. But it wasn’t long before they woke up. Some noisy brat ( four girls and two boys ) also had the idea to visit the isle, but they were your normal extras obviously

‹ HEY! Ain’t that Saya?! ›

‹ What? Where? ›

‹ Let me see ›

‹ .. ›

‹ Am I wrong or those girls just shouted your name? ›

‹ Ugh.. ›

The four girls went around Saya while the boys remained in the back and did an half-assed gesture to greet her then stared a little on Ame, who at the moment observed the “touching” reunion of her classmate. But the conversation certainly took an unpredictable turn

‹ ..Sooo, is she your new accomplice or maybe.. your new victim? ›

Saya flinched and launched a quick glance over Ame that maintained the same expression since the girls met.

‹ Haruka! I told you I stopped doing such things, didn’t I? ›

‹ Ah yes, that’s true ›

At Saya’s rebuttal the group chuckled a little

‹ I think.. that it’s time to go. ›

‹ Y.. yeah, let’s get going Ame-chan ›

As the girl called “Haruka” uttered an inaudible “tch”, Ame glared at her before going away.




During dinner the weather got worse, Ame was surprised at such a rapid change

“ Seems like here everyone is accustomed to it “

But that was important; Later, at night, it appeared that outside was a typhoon, so perhaps it was this atmosphere that led Saya to talk about her. Like the time on the train, on their first meeting, she “felt” she had to talk. So she began, without even checking if Ame was asleep or not

‹ Y’know.. I lived here until two years ago; I have known Haruka and the other girls since I was five.. How I am right now, you can’t exactly say that is “me”, because I don’t need glasses. Because before I dyed my hair. Because I used to bully the girls that were like I’m now.. I– ›

‹ ..Why? Why are you telling me this? Did you think I’d care? That I’d say “I’m sure if you tell them that you’re sorry, they’ll forgive you”? That it’d help you clean your conscience? Why did you do it? ›

Ame with an expressionless, cold, look turned towards Saya, who wore a pained face while she stood up

‹ It’s not that. I didn’t say it for them, and neither for me. I know I won’t be forgiven. I’m telling you because ever since that time at FL, I’ve realized what are the feelings of a victim of bullying. I bet you were bullied by some males, and that’s why you were so scared back then. But what convinced me was seeing Haruka again, and then this typhoon made all of this much more theatrical! Must be Fate  ahah›

She was shocked: was Saya always so oblivious? Either way Ame ignored that part and gave her a simple reply before she went back to sleep

‹ ..Don’t say something as petty as “Fate”. ›




And so another summer passed and Ame found herself in front of the door of the Stuco room, as she knocked, a little girl with long black twin tails and a chest that resembled a table, greeted her and gave her some tea while Ame waited for the Stuco President to return

“ Is she really a senpai? She acts a little childish.. I bet everyone who doesn’t know her, mistakes her for a grade schooler “

‹ Airi, we have a guest; ..and what did you do to Kagerou-kun? ›

‹ Aww Hikari-chan why do think I’ve done something bad to Kage-chan? ›

‹ So you aren’t saying you didn’t do anything.. ›

‹ .. .. ..Anyway, Ame-chan since you’re here, I believe you made up your mind? ›

‹ Yes. I decided that I won’t join. Next year I’m going to live near school, so until then you’ll have to wait Fukuhara-senpai ›

‹ Mmhmm. I knew you were going to say that ›

Airi made a bright smile that was immediately shut down by the arrival of a drenched Kagerou; in between the chaos that came from that strange situation by those strange people, Ame, sneakily, smiled from the heart.

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