Despair III

A hot summer night, just before the end or the summer holidays of the third year of middle school.

“ I can’t tolerate this anymore. You are my toy, so why do you avoid me? I just want to play with you. This guys? They’re just some friends, don’t pay attention to them. You have to look only at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME! ..Now, now. You don’t have to be so scared, we’re known each other for a long time no? You’re so cute right now, even though you’re barely hiding your fear with that expressionless face of yours, you’re still  crying.. let me ca– wh.. how do you dare hit my hand?! “

‹ Gaha! Sto–! Can’t.. breath.. ›

“ Ah, right. Calm down. I shouldn’t be like this. Sorry Ki-kun. I can’t break you just yet.

You know? At school I met a senpai who shared my same feelings. Just like me he likes to see you struggle in despair. Just like me he likes to see your face contorting in pain. Just like m– oh, well, let’s stop here. We don’t have time to waste, do we? I think you know him already.. “

‹ Ka.. zumo.. ? ›

“ Thus we end the presentations here. Why I am doing this? Is it obvious by now? I saw all of your facades, and thanks to senpai I saw what kind of face you do when confronted with atrocious pain, you didn’t expect to have been photographed eh?

Continuing from before, us two noticed that there’s a wide range of expressions we still haven’t seen, so here we are. I don’t really like to share my things, but for now I guess I can put up with it. I shall begin with taking your first kiss.. “

‹ No.. please.. stop.. Ei-kun.. stop it.. no.. no!! ›

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