Revenge of the rain

At the begin of dusk, every student was already at home, and all class should be empty, but two strangers were meeting in the class 1-B.

Of the two strangers, one was a boy, clearly not from Kato’s high school division and

the other was a quiet girl.

The girl didn’t try to hide her disgust for this class, it made her recall what she did on last year’s school festival. Thinking back, she could’ve extorted money from that monster, instead of going for a boy which was dumped after a few months.

‹ ..So, who are you? I can’t stand being here, can we go somewhere else? ›

‹ You can call me “Kou”. About changing location, I think here’s ok. Don’t worry, we’ll make this quick. ›

“ W..e? ”


The classroom’s door was closed by a guy with the same uniform but seemed to be a middle school student. Black eyes, black spiky hair with red mesches and a, so to speak, familiar face.

‹ Wha.. What do you two want from me?! Stay away! Do-DON’T COME HERE! ›

While the high schooler blocked the girl, the middle schooler took out his cellphone.

Later, one after the other, every student that last year was in class 1-B received by mail photos of Kanegawa Yui.

‹ Ok, let’s go senpai, it’s the same amount ›

‹ ’Kay. Thank you scum girl, it was fun ›

‹ .. ›

Yui was sitting on the ground, crying and half naked. After the high schooler went outside, the middle schooler once again closed the door. She began trembling.

‹ W-what.. do you.. want now!? ›

‹ Shut the hell up and listen closely. If you ever try to mess around my toy, it won’t end here, understood? ›

‹ Yes! ›

Just like that, he left.

At the same time, in a park near an orphanage, a girl on a swing was looking at her cellphone dumbfounded.

Not for the harassment Yui just went through, but for the uniform of the boy holding Yui. It was Nanaya’s.

The recently founded school that comprehended middle and high school where Eichirou went.

She ran to his home, but once there, in front of his house, she couldn’t muster the courage to go confirm Eichirou was in his room, playing video games or reading manga like always.

‹ Ah, Ki-kun, what are you doing standing here? ›

Ame, turned towards the voice, and saw her childhood in his school’s uniform grinning without a care in the world.

‹ Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go eat some ramen together ›

‹ Absolutely! Just let me go change ›

“ ..As things stand now, I should stop trusting him too. “

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