Memento Abnormes

Returned to her room, Ame was sitting (too tired to stay up) at the end of the bed, in front of the mirror that was taller than her.

She didn’t cry, because there were no more tears in her.

She remained there until dawn, expressionless, staring in her own eyes as if to remind herself that she wasn’t normal.

That she wasn’t worth of something like a “normal life”.

Later on, she told Eichirou, more like she was forced to, what happened.

Not even a quarter of a second. The time Eichirou’s twisted smile showed on his face.

Ame brushed it off as “imagining things”.

Either way, it didn’t really matter.

As to what happened to her school life, it’s nothing. Literally.

Yui and Makoto, as foregone, stopped talking to her.

No, to be more precise, they stopped considering her existence as a person.

Since Yui and Makoto weren’t the only persons she talked with, it didn’t mean that afterwards others would also stop conversing with her.

Mostly because they were ignorant of what happened.

Even so, when called, Ame didn’t reply.

She completely ignored everyone but the teachers.

It’s not like she could ignore them, right?

..Anyway, her new attitude served its purpose.

Nobody noticed her anymore, and not only for the rest of her first year, but for her second and third year of middle school too.

“ I don’t need to lie again. No more facades, only me.




Ah.. ahah.. ahahhahahhah..

I.. lied so much.. I no longer know who I am..

Is this what they call irony?

Right now, I wonder if I should listen to them..

to those guys in the orphanage..

to Kazumo..

to Mida..

to ’ myself ’..

a monster..

Am I really such a thing?

Only because I have eyes of different colors, am I a monster?

Only because I don’t have a ’ family ’, am I a monster?

I am just a middle school girl, why..


Human scums!

They feed on the others’ pain until not even a drop of blood is left!



I really have still a long way to go before learning how to control my emotions.. ”

Little by little, Eichirou ’s presence in her life decreased as well. Primarily because Ame found out the truth about a certain incident happened during her second year of middle school.

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