Despair I

If one had to describe how was Kato High’s cafeteria, “pure chaos” would be the most concise description.

It wasn’t really a matter of people pushing each other, or that afterwards some students even had to go to the infirmary, but of the insane killing (more like eating) intent emanated by them at the sight of the cafeteria’s speciality coming out of the kitchen.

Ame had to buy seven of this so called superb delicacy.

Drifting away one second from what was happening, saying such food was to be expected from this school, wasn’t that much of a stretch.

In this city certainly there wasn’t a lack of old schools, but Kato High was undoubtedly special.

Kato High, founded in 1867 (the end of the Bakumatsu period), was originally only a kindergarten, but now it had its own elementary, middle and high school division and a link to an university.

Seeing its long history, one could understand why it was such an expensive and luxurious school; even then, for the middle school and high school department only, a scholarship could be granted to some students, like Ame.

The fact that an escalation system wasn’t present showed just how serious the school was about the educations of its students.

Contrary to what some people believed, this wasn’t a school dedicated to Sakamoto Ryouma, but to Boudelaire. The founder’s passion on literature, such as Allan Poe, and poetry, was what brought forth Kato High’s forte, in fact, literature.

However, despite being more than two hundreds years old, the school itself was rebuilt many times and thanks to vast money donated every so often, every division was largely equipped, obviously, its enormous library was no less.

‹ Hey, do you seriously think they won’t find us here, Kirumi-kun? ›

‹ It’s Kikuchi. And no, I don’t think they would ever even step in a library ›

‹ S-so why are you guys crouching under the table? ›

‹ Yui-chan, shhh! We aren’t supposed to talk in a library! I’d prefer not to be kicked out ›

‹ Exactly, Kanegawa-san! We wouldn’t want Ame to get beaten up pathetically again! ›

‹ Hey! I wasn’t beaten pathetically! Had I know they had a stun gun, I could’ve won! And since when did I say you could call me by name, uuuuh?! ›

‹ What, are you trying to scare me, uuuuh?! ›

‹ ..It’s really hard being your friend, you know guys? Aaahh.. ›

What was exactly happening was that Ame, after repeatedly failing to buy food for the blackmailing vixens, asked Yui and Kikuchi for help.

In reality what she asked for was for Yui to call them out and for Kikuchi to help her beat them up.

Using the pretense that Ame was a girl, and consequently she shouldn’t fight, he dragged the two girls in the library.

A rather strange behavior, Ame thought.

Since two weeks ago, a lot (well, not really that many) of their classmates, male classmates, seemed to have fallen for her tomboyish actions.

Naturally, they were all rejected, but as the confessions increased, her interest decreased.

Just as she brushed off her thoughts on the matter, her cellphone vibrated.

‹ Mph.. seems like I really can’t have a peaceful school life.. sorry guys, I have to go, see you tomorrow ›

At the sudden change of atmosphere, the two almost turned to stone looking Ame in the eyes. The only thought that crossed their minds was the proverb “the calm before the storm”.

‹ Wa.. wait! Let me help you! If it ends up the same as the other time, you can’t know what’ll happen to you ›

‹ ..Is that so. Ok you can come, but don’t get in my way. Bye Yui-chan ›

‹ Go-good luck Ame-chan! ›




This time, not only were the girls that harassed Ame, but even boys which had the high school department’s uniform.

Perhaps this was an unlucky day because..

‹ What’s this, girls? Why do you hate Ame so much? ›

‹ Ha! It’s surprising that you don’t hate her! After all, when she’s not here in school, she goes bitching around in town with a boy from another middle school ›

Hearing that, Kikuchi’s heart cracked a little.

‹ What’s so wrong with going to the arcade with my childhood friend? It has nothing to do with all this. Anyway it’s not like we’re dating or anything, we’re just friends.. ›

‹ Well, well aren’t we calm? Even if you say so, why should we believe you?›

‹ Of course I’m calm, and I don’t give a fuck if you girls believe me or not.. This is dragging on for too long, let’s cut to the chase, here and now I’ll make sure you girls won’t think twice about bullying me again. ..Makoto-kun, after I’ve taken care of the girls, I’ll come help you out with the boys, so please don’t pass out on me okay? ›

Kikuchi, being called by name from the girl she like since the first day of school, snapped out of his depressing and delusional thoughts about Ame and her “childhood” friend.

‹ Are you joking? That’s my line! ›

That line marked the beginning of the fight.


‹ And there goes their last cellphone ›

Panting, the two of them opted to break the cellphones of the girls instead to delete the photo. At the moment, the faces of those two weren’t in a really good condition, but the same could be said about the ones lying on the ground.

‹ Changing subject, I didn’t know you had a childhood friend, I thought you were a loner ahaha.. so you guys are dating? ›

At the idea of going out with Eichirou, Ame became a little red

‹ Ahhahahahah, dating! As if I’d date such a rude guy! ..Anyway, I think he has a girlfriend? Cause this days he tells me to dress up as a guy when we go out to play ›

Makoto involuntarily made a relieved face, which didn’t escape to Ame, but she still didn’t say anything

‹ I can perfectly imagine you as a guy, with that flat chest of yours! Ahahahhahahah! ›

‹ Wa-! What hell was that, bastard?! Come here, I’ll kill you! I’m a fucking B! ›

In the distance, not too far off, a girl was crouching, observing Ame and Makoto’s quarrel while biting the back of her right index finger

‹ Tch those good-for-nothing bitches were useless.. seems like I’ll have to do everything on my own.. ›

The day after, the photo Ame fought for, was on everyone’s cellphone.

Every student at her sight began laughing.

The girls because, even if they weren’t behind it, felt a sense of victory.

The boys because they found it amusing to be able to see a classmate’s chest they weren’t even dating.

But this was only the first day.

Photos of Ame were emailed to everyone at irregular intervals until the beginning of the preparations for the school festival.

The only two that stayed by Ame’s side were Yui and Makoto.

Well, in school. Eichirou was helping Ame during the afternoon.

They spent their time studying and playing, so most of the time Ame would go back at the orphanage just before or right after dinner. Nothing new since she wanted to avoid that guy.

(If you’re wondering how the two made up, it was just Eichirou doing a  dogeza in front of the orphanage; subsequently he was laughed at by the kids, mostly because Ame was out shopping for ingredients.)

Though she appeared fine, away from her friends and foes’ line of sight, in her room, at night Ame cries while trembling, curled up in her bed.

Naturally, she did it in silence. Why? Because if Kazumo where to hear her, she’d get punished for disturbing his sleep.

“What’s wrong with this world?! I thought at least at school I could be normal.. Is it because I’m still too naive? ..Just what am I thinking, there’s school tomorrow”

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