Chromia chapters editing marathon!

Mh, this chapter is almost over, uh. — Last edit: 15/10/17 18:00 (GMT+0)

Currently editing: Prologue to despair — done 2127 out of 2950 words (72%) — started with 1649 words


Prologue — 1173 words, started with 1016 words

A very ‘normal’ beginning I — 3430 words, started with 1366 words

A very ‘normal’ beginning II — 2291 words, started with 739 words

A very ‘normal’ beginning III — 2640 words, started with 902 words

A very ‘normal’ beginning IV — 2640 words, started with 730 words

A very ‘normal’ beginning V — 2505 words, started with 547 words

Kimono I — 2353 words, started with 757 words

Kimono II — 1765 words, started with 457 words

Overall progress out of 29 chapters:

  • 8 fully edited chapters (18.797 total words).
  • 13 chapters yet to edit.
  • 7 unwritten chapters.

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6 thoughts on “Chromia chapters editing marathon!”

  1. hou… I thought that this story had been dropped or got some error why the paged were empty.. Instead it was actually being edited


    1. Sorry I just had too much to deal with in school! Now I’m completely free, I’m re-reading the edited chapters to tweak them and to refresh my memory, from tomorrow onwards I’ll be sure to try to completely edit a chapter each day.


      1. … school, that is something I never want to do again 😛 I’m dropping by at least once a week anyways waiting for you to get everything done until you continue Twisted Nerves (that is how I found you on rrl). Good luck with editing everything but don’t overdo it, don’t want you to get a burnout :3


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